restaurant with terrace

hello, now I made a restaurant with terrace for you...


  • 2 customizable shops

  • 20 benches

  • 4 trash cans

  • 2 toilets

  • 1 depot

  • an terrace

  • decoration and buildings


  1. if you place the blueprint it accidentally removes a few objects (look at the image of problem 1 to see where)

  2. unfortunately people can walk through the tables (look at the image of problem 2)


  • people can buy things from the shop

  • people can sit on the benches inside or outside

  • people can go to the toilet

  • delivery staff can use the depot



09 March 2018, 16:19

for the customizable shops you must w8 for parkitect nexus version beta 4! (now you must place your own shops)