Side Winder Car

This is a car for the mini coaster. the car itself is attached to a motorized rotating axis that rotates depending on the change in the cars turning axis on the track.

This coaster was made in conjunction with prolinesproductions who built the carts for the ride

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Changelog V1.0

  • Release

Changelog V2.0

  • added closing restraint animation
  • fixed for release 4
  • moved car to spinning car track ride.

18 December 2017, 00:12

This Mod is delivered in beta 1

09 September 2016, 14:49

I think it would be more logical to have it on a B&M type of track than on the steel coaster track.

But it is a really awesome car

05 August 2016, 12:53

Beacuse it is a more intense Coaster Type. There are many Steel Coasters with spinning cars.

04 August 2016, 15:50

Why the steel coaster?

04 August 2016, 14:26

Could you also create spinning cars for the Steel Coaster. That would be awesome. Something like this:

13 July 2016, 10:17