the mannor

welcome to the manor. the home of clonen stately home.

the late lord clonen passed away and you got the estate in his will to create a park on the condition that the manor remains as it is.clonens tomb is now deep in the woods.

so far you have a small courtyard,a car ride doing tours of the farm and clonens old private paddle boats.all rides and shops have to be free and the entranse fee is permanently 35 dollars

however you cant build higher than the mannor and you cant tereform. some land is yet to be given to you,to unlock it you need to have no loan have most rides exept a few researchable coasters and the sky fall.

Scenario: Have a cleanliness rating of at least 80% = suspended monorail Have no loan debts = more land

Rating Price Satisfaction 92.00
Rating Cleanliness 51.00
Rating Happiness 82.00
Guest Count 67.00
Park year 0.00
Size Width 100.00
Size Height 100.00
Money 50100.00
Entrance Fee 35.00