PTE - Park Train Extras

This Mod adds some special Objects (Deco - non-Functional) to the Game with which you can Build a more Realistic Railroad for your Park Train. Here you can see all of my Mods.

How to use

  • Left Mouse Click: Place Object
  • Hold Alt: Activate grid (snap to grid)
  • Press (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9): Switch grid size & Snap to center/Snap to corner


  • 6 Rail Objects
  • 3 Levers
  • 2 Signals
  • 1 Crossing Sign
  • 1 Pedestrian Crossing Platform
  • 2 Guide Rails


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08 March 2018, 05:49

Van you please updeate the mod to version beta 4?

26 August 2017, 02:33

this is a great mod thanks for this