Troika Mod


  • new ride: Troika!

Includes: Troika (recolored)

09 May 2017, 19:41

What am I doing wrong? it says ' failed to compile mod ' . I recompiled with the same result

24 February 2017, 19:39

Very awesome ride, I have one complaint with it though, is that a certain time in the game the riders get on the ride and the ride doesn't move... I tried closing it and reopening it but the same result, people getting on and ride not moving, the only way I was to fix it is to demolish the ride and replace it back up! Still an awesome ride! C:

16 December 2016, 18:46

es tu français ? pas que j 'aime pas l'anglais mais c' est pas ma langue maternelle .......^^

13 December 2016, 09:32

Thank you for your feedback! Patience, please.

12 December 2016, 18:44

it s a very nice mods, i love new atractions for my parks but your troika seems to be bugged : it works properly 2 or 3 times then stops, peeps don t get off or on anymore, tottaly stuck, overflowing waiting lane, the only thing left to do is destroy the troika . Please tell me how to fix this cause i d really like to use it .......

01 December 2016, 18:30

Thank you for your feedback! ;)

28 November 2016, 21:59

Marcell you're awesome! I love all your rides!

27 November 2016, 15:29

Thank you! ;)

27 November 2016, 15:24

cool ride