Winter Wonderland

You have been challenged by the Queen of England to make the best Winter Wonderland, better than Hyde Park and Manchester Winter Wonderland, in the newest English city, Winterlandia. It is forever cold and snowy, also it barely rains. These are the perfect conditions to make the best Winter Wonderland the world has ever seen.

You have been given a nice sum of money to start off with, but use it wisely as you are not allowed loans! This amazing Winter Wonderland is permanent, unlike any other, so decorate and place rides down carefully. You have a massive plot of land, don't misuse it!

"Watch as the guests emerge from the hill, only to see the best Winter Wonderland the world has ever seen!" - You, in a few years. (You will probably need a depot at the start as the deliveries building is quite far)

Rating Price Satisfaction 50.00
Rating Cleanliness 50.00
Rating Happiness 50.00
Guest Count 0.00
Park year 0.00
Size Width 175.00
Size Height 175.00
Money 70000.00
Entrance Fee 1.00

26 November 2017, 17:28

I like the idea, but the scenario itself is a bit empty.