Alcove Adventure

My entry for the Mini Park build-off. My first complete park, had a ton of fun working on this.

Went for a beach theme, tried to contain it in an alcove-like area though obviously I couldn't cover the top. Contains no mods.

(Critiques and advice welcome.)

Rating Price Satisfaction 92.00
Rating Cleanliness 98.00
Rating Happiness 74.00
Guest Count 177.00
Park year 3.00
Size Width 25.00
Size Height 25.00
Money 13239.20
Entrance Fee 3.00

28 September 2016, 00:58

Click the small hill-looking icon above the tool size when terraforming, it'll let you raise and lower individual blocks without affecting the terrain around them.

27 September 2016, 16:10

How do you create the vertical cliffs?