This Mod contains some Objects and Road Markings to Build Parking Areas for your Park.

Tip: Make the Terrain under the Road to Concrete that no Gras grows trought your Road!

If you have any suggestions or Ideas let me know and i see what i can do.


v1.1 - Fix for the Zebra Marking, 3 new Markings and 2 new Signs.

v1.2 - Fixed missing Texture on some Road Pieces, Add Traffic Lights and some new Markings and Signs.

v1.3 - Fixed wrong Shader on some Road Pices, Add one new Sign, Almost every Piece and Object are now Height adjustable

v1.4 - Reduce Polygons on some Markings, Add 2 new Signs (Bus Stop & Trafficlight), Add "BUS" Marking, Add Bus Waiting Stand and a Seating bench, Add 3 Road Lights, Add 2 Bollards, Complete Reworked the Traffic Lights. The old one does not exists anymore

v1.4.1 - Re-Compile with Unity 5.6 and Update to work with Parkitect Alpha 15

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01 April 2018, 06:45

can you please update the mode to version beta 4

23 December 2017, 15:39

it on steam

10 May 2017, 05:11

@StolleJay, it doesnt compile for me on the client too

27 February 2017, 23:27

@Gearhead15 Do you use the newest Parkitect and Nexus Client?

@StevieTheFool No. There is nothing in Work for triangle Road Pieces.

26 February 2017, 13:17

is there any work in progress on make way road triangles? For on the actual road, not as sign

21 February 2017, 13:34

This mod doesn't compile please fix