B&M Dive Coaster Car (8)

B&M Dive Coaster Car (8)

This is a Dive Coaster Car created by Pete4live. This mod adds a new car to the Wing Coaster.


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  • B&M Dive Coaster Car (8 wide)
  • simple recolorable textures
  • Place for 8 persons per Car
  • Trains can have unlimited cars (technically)


  • Install the mod
  • Select "Dive Coaster Car 8" in Train Settings
  • Not working? -> Recompile the mod in the Nexus Client


  • v1.0.0 - Release


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23 December 2017, 20:32

I installed this to the Parkitect Nexus client but when I went into parkitect, it was not in the "mods" tab in setting as well as it was not it the "train settings" do you know how I could fix it?

23 May 2017, 13:50

I'm finding that when i change the cars to the dive cars, The cars don't appear and then the coaster renames itself 'caption' And when reloading the park sometimes the coaster turns invisible?

09 April 2017, 16:32

I love this I just wish that the wing coaster could have a steeper drop, otherwise this is pretty much useless