thunderloop is a steel coaster in themepark slagharen. the coaster was operating until 3 october 2016. the coaster was 36 year old and the chain lift broke very often. in the season of 2017 the new triple launch coaster gold rush replaced the thunderloop.

funny fact: the thunderloop always had the name looping star. but when the train felt down from the biggest drop, the coaster produced a very loud thunder. like a thunderstorm. this thunder was hearable all the ride long. the themepark made the choice to rename the coaster to thunderloop.

the video from above shows the last ride of the thunderloop. that is the reason why it's so crowded around the coaster.

Rating Excitement 50.45
Rating Intensity 32.32
Rating Nausea 32.35
Air Time (sec) 3.08
Drops 7.00
Total Drop Height (meter) 138.89
Biggest Drop (meter) 51.00
Average Speed (km/h) 29.40
Max Speed (km/h) 107.27
Minimum Vertical G -0.39
Maximum Vertical G 3.74
Minimum Lat G -2.16
Maximum Lat G 1.55
Minimum Long G -1.81
Maximum Long G 0.98
Ride Distance (meter) 876.34
Ride Time (seconds) 0.00
Inversions 1.00
Head Choppers 1.00
Entrance Fee 2.50
Train Count 1.00
Train Length 5.00
Total Cars 5.00

15 February 2017, 23:04

Its almost look like a looping star