grean hills

this is a small park in sandbox mode

main rides

risen the woodland lives: a flying coaster. can you brave the forest demons on this intense ride

Lakeland lumber: a exiting wooden coaster that is a favourite with families

air master: a junior coaster that puts you in a ariel dogfight over military marsh

mega bot 90: a compact steal coaster in a battle for supremacy

the drop: the most popular ride this monstrous vertical drop coaster is a intense experience

madness: a spinning coaster with terrific ratings

glacier: a family friendly bobsled coaster

rockin roller: intensity Is this rides middle name as you launch 50 km/h

mine train of mystery mountain: brave the mountain on this rickety mine train

park uses old full unit high terrain but is still compatible with alpha 14+

park has 1,400 guests and is zoned

has wide veriaty of senery and rides

uses building set 1 and 3,dining set, Aisa pack, iron horse and path covers

if you have a question put it in the coments


Rating Price Satisfaction 94.00
Rating Cleanliness 76.00
Rating Happiness 82.00
Guest Count 1408.00
Park year 14.00
Size Width 100.00
Size Height 100.00
Money -999999.99
Entrance Fee 1.00