Walt Disney World (NO MODS)

Walt Dinsey World; A rectengular park with four coasters, one log flume and one decorated darkride

After I visited Dysneyland Paris I decided to build my own version of a Disney park. After months of work and a lot of dedication here it is! it's probably the best park I have ever build and will ever build but you never know ;-) It took a few months to complete and the goal was to build a over-the-top decorated park in Dinsey style.

Some of the most noticeable features:

  • The park is a square, there are no exceptions. There is a 1 tile space between the border of the park and the edge of the map.
  • The park is devided into five ereas like the Dinsey park in Paris.
  • All rides are free, but it costs guests $100 to enter the park. All food is overpriced of course ;)
  • I started the park by building the entrance/train station, but proceded by building Frontierland. the Darkride/Castle in the middle was the last ride I finished the park with. I wanted to end this project by building a pink castle darkride in the middle.
  • I have streamed building the park on Twitch but the recordings are deleted now and I deleted the buildings/coasters I made on stream afterwards anyway. I have not much inspiration while streaming.

Some of the most noticeable attractions:

  • Goldrush Minetrain (Frontierland): A coaster based on Big Thunder Mountain. The ride turned out really well and with the new props added later to the game it became a real western ride. The first coaster I build in the park and maybe even the best one.

  • Temple of Terror (Adventureland): A unique take on the Indiana Jones ride in Dinseyland Paris. It has something really interesting elements and is definitely the odd one out here.

  • Splash Mountain & Tiroler Coaster (Fantasyland): Although it's not really fantasy, the area turned out pretty nice. In the erea you can find one of the two train stations, one being the entrance of the park. This erea is designed for kids so there aren't any intense rides.

  • Operation Aurora (Discoveryland): Rebuilding Space Mountain was impossible, so I decided to do it differently. It is a launched coaster with some really intense elements and overall a ride for the guests with a strong stomach. It devides the erea in two parts: One is White/Blue the other is Grey/Red.

  • Castle of Dreams (Mainstreet USA): At the end of the mainstreet in the middle of the park you'll find the Castle of Dreams. It's the only darkride in the park and a really interesting one too: with a first person cam and a night mod it's actually rideable. It's not the best darkride you'll ever see but it's there. The mainstreet itself has a lot of shops but I build it more for the looks honestly. I think building the Mainstreet was quite boring and I'm happy it's done now.

I uploaded the park as a scenario. This way you can set your own goals. There isn't much room for expansion however.

It was a really big project for me and I won't do a project like this soon. Hope you'll enyoy it!

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~Pete4live (Marijn)

Rights for names and logos go to Disney.

Rating Price Satisfaction 73.00
Rating Cleanliness 93.00
Rating Happiness 71.00
Guest Count 767.00
Park year 0.00
Size Width 99.00
Size Height 99.00
Money 25000.00
Entrance Fee 100.00

26 July 2017, 07:43

Awesome recreation!

11 July 2017, 16:38


11 July 2017, 04:40

Fantastic job man!

10 July 2017, 16:15

wow. this is amasing