Royal Gardens

Royal Gardens, brought to you by Pete4live_gaming

The large and complete park Royal Gardens is finally published! This park has some very interesting coasters and rides like The Giant, Interference and Mysterious Mansion. Download this park and I hope you will appreciate my creation!

-Large park (Expect some lag) -No mods needed

-3 normal coasters and 1 dueling coaster -1 Log flume -1 Dark ride -11 normal rides

Rating Price Satisfaction 84.00
Rating Cleanliness 84.00
Rating Happiness 55.00
Guest Count 450.00
Park year 30.00
Size Width 100.00
Size Height 100.00
Money -335082.16
Entrance Fee 1.00

07 June 2016, 12:23

This is very impressive - especially with no mods too! Wow!