Heavens Gardens Halloween Edition - No Mods

From earlier this year, i bring you my park non mod park Heavens Gardens but all ready for the halloween season.

Rating Price Satisfaction 79.00
Rating Cleanliness 88.00
Rating Happiness 50.00
Guest Count 393.00
Park year 22.00
Size Width 100.00
Size Height 100.00
Money -259752.14
Entrance Fee 20.00

06 November 2016, 15:50

This looks so awesome!

01 November 2016, 23:57

oh no? i wonder if anyone else has had this problem when trying to download it? I built this park file back in like alpha 2a so maybe thats why? it works for me tho

01 November 2016, 20:47

I get installation failed invalid response type error when trying to install this.