Amphora Demesne

I started this like one of my normal blueprints - Big attraction with an area built around it. But I got into a lot of terraforming/landscaping and ended up sinking a lot of scenery and it just got to the point where it made more sense to share this as a Savegame file rather than a Blueprint. You can still create a blueprint of this fairly easily, you'll just have to find the right depth when laying it.

Amphora Demesne feature the δρομολογήσει έξι roller coaster. (literally translated means "Launched Six") It is a launched coaster featuring six inversions. (oh, isn't he clever!) You're looking at a 79 mph launch to a height of 180 feet. The ride runs three trains and features a fun timing where a train launches when the prvious train is overhead. Some high ratings on this one too:

Excitement: 78.9 Intensity: 89.8 Nausea: 44.4

De re metallica (no, it has nothing to do with the band, look it up) is about as tiny of a Wild Mouse coaster as you can do. It fits into a 4x5 footprint and delivers crazy good ratings for it's size. This is probably worth pulling out in a blueprint file for use in other situations where you need a ridiculously small, ridiculously cheap money making roller coaster.

Excitement: 44.7 Intensity: 16.2 Nausea: 9.5

Splashdown is a log flume with a simple, but scenic layout. A real guest-pleaser with nice visuals and great stats.

Excitement: 47.1 Intensity: 14.5 Nausea: 3.8

The park layout is a broken loop, so a good way around for peeps without backtracking is the AD Railway. With two stations, peeps can use it to traverse the park easily and a full loop gives a scenic tour of all the major areas of Amphora Demesne.

Excitement: 29.0 Intensity: 0.8 Nausea: 15.2

The are also 15 other rides in the park along with some great scenery. Open it up, check it out. The Savegame file park is empty, but zoned and staffed. Bring it to life with some pricing and peeps. Lots of pieces you could pull out in blueprints for use in other places. Have fun with it.

Rating Price Satisfaction 93.00
Rating Cleanliness 100.00
Rating Happiness 50.00
Guest Count 0.00
Park year 6.00
Size Width 250.00
Size Height 250.00
Money -119513.77
Entrance Fee 0.00