Music Rock Park

I present Music Rock Park. Featuring Themed areas like, Country Rock, Metal Zone, Memphis Rock, Rock n Roll zone, Les Paul Mainstreet, and the Rock Arena. You will need these MODS,

Shy Guy's set 1,2,3 & Dining, Catwalks, Dinosaur, path essentials, Pipes & Vents, pirate, Track edit, brick wall set, terra blocks, wood frame work set

Rating Price Satisfaction 89.00
Rating Cleanliness 77.00
Rating Happiness 72.00
Guest Count 580.00
Park year 29.00
Size Width 100.00
Size Height 100.00
Money -131744.17
Entrance Fee 30.00

19 January 2017, 06:02

Really cool.

27 December 2016, 20:43

Your park is beautiful. I love the video of it you posted to Shyguy's forum (I'll post it here so others who only visit this site can also appreciate it)

20 December 2016, 13:53

Great work, CoasterB.