The Mayan-Calendar predicted it multiply times, the Apocalypse is here! Dare to enter this old Aztec Temple and have the ride of your live?

Feedback is appreciated! Also checkout this awesome park were I got inspiration from, I really love the theme and how he worked it out in a full park.

Ps. The purple is supposed to be fire.

Park version can be found here

Rating Excitement 57.54
Rating Intensity 28.81
Rating Nausea 12.20
Air Time (sec) 15.94
Drops 9.00
Total Drop Height (meter) 91.12
Biggest Drop (meter) 23.25
Average Speed (km/h) 17.77
Max Speed (km/h) 74.44
Minimum Vertical G -0.90
Maximum Vertical G 1.81
Minimum Lat G -1.91
Maximum Lat G 1.91
Minimum Long G -0.94
Maximum Long G 0.93
Ride Distance (meter) 686.39
Ride Time (seconds) 139.09
Inversions 0.00
Head Choppers 10.00
Entrance Fee 0.00
Train Count 2.00
Train Length 7.00
Total Cars 14.00

02 February 2016, 05:14

"Ps. The purple is supposed to be fire."

Ha! I feel you. Can't wait for some of the mods to be updated. This looks great.