Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a wooden coaster builded in Walibi Holland. the real coaster has a speed of 80 kn/ph. and it is 1035 meters long. the coaster is designed by Stand Company and builded by Vekoma.

Rating Excitement 51.69
Rating Intensity 26.40
Rating Nausea 34.84
Air Time (sec) 2.92
Drops 10.00
Total Drop Height (meter) 114.74
Biggest Drop (meter) 27.00
Average Speed (km/h) 27.89
Max Speed (km/h) 79.96
Minimum Vertical G -0.87
Maximum Vertical G 3.08
Minimum Lat G -1.17
Maximum Lat G 1.18
Minimum Long G -0.85
Maximum Long G 0.68
Ride Distance (meter) 738.25
Ride Time (seconds) 0.00
Inversions 0.00
Head Choppers 1.00
Entrance Fee 3.00
Train Count 2.00
Train Length 6.00
Total Cars 12.00

05 April 2017, 17:27

I like what you did over here, but I believe the robin hood is a tad more curvier, what you currently have looks quite straight (I honestly only been in it once)