Current Version: v0.5.4 (Development stopped!)


This Mod contains several Blocks in the Default Terrain Designs to Build more complex Terrains.



  • Contains 16 Blocks with the Default Design of the Terrain (Grass and Dirt).


  • Fixed Height Delta on some Blocks. Now all have Height Delta of 0.25!
  • Now Contains 32 Block. 16 Grass/Dirt and 16 Sand/Sandstone


  • Fixed all Textures. Now they dont Shine anymore!
  • Added the last 32 Blocks for now. 16 Snow/Ice and 16 Tarmac/Rock


  • Add Tunnel Segments for all 4 Designs
  • v0.5.1: Fixed Negative Meshes on some Tunnel Segments
  • v0.5.2: Fixed Tarmac Texture. Now they dont look like a Tile and Reworked all Edge Blocks. Now the Edges are more Visible like the Original Terrain!
  • v0.5.3: Update to Parkitect Alpha 4a (Update 108)
  • v0.5.4: Update to Parkitect Alpha 6

In this Mod (99 Objects)

  • 16 Blocks of Grass/Dirt in 4 Sizes
  • 16 Blocks of Sand/Sandstone in 4 Sizes
  • 16 Blocks of Snow/Ice in 4 Sizes
  • 16 Blocks of Tarmac/Rock in 4 Sizes
  • 35 Tunnel Segments

Some addition things

  • nothing!

Should work with Game-Version: Alpha 6

10 September 2017, 18:50

Update this mod!!!

27 December 2016, 15:08

Yep, it's all pink. I had this problem on Mac OSX, but now it happens on Windows too. It's not the only mod to suffer from this. The fire mod is all pink too now.

24 December 2016, 02:00

Hey this mod no longer works in Alpha 9, All the pieces show up pink

26 November 2016, 16:56

Hey there! Though this isn't going to be updated, can I still use it for the game? Or can this lead to problems and maybe corrupts my save games when the devs update the game?

20 October 2016, 17:44

I have Update it to Alpha 6 now all should work again.

28 September 2016, 20:36

Also having invisible texture issue. I really would love to have this mod working, please!

27 August 2016, 14:28

Currently i cant look at this Problem but i try as fast as i can to get this Problem fixed.

27 August 2016, 07:14

Hi @StolleJay, I'm having the same problem @RnnGade has. I'm using Alpha 4a and I also updated my graphics card driver. I'm using the Humble Bundle version of the game.

16 August 2016, 18:15

@StolleJay: I'm pretty sure that I've got the latest version. Steam updates it automatically. I'm updating my videocard driver now, that's been a while.

16 August 2016, 15:28

@RnnGade: You sure that you use Alpha 4a (Update108)? I have Update it to this Version so it should Work. So by me it is working!