fun hills resort

fun hills

this is a small park in sand box mode using my fun hills scenario themed areas include

entrance woods and kiddy corner brick buildings and art deco surrounding the electrify steal coaster. also includes a tea cups carousel and wave swinger

the promenade and rocky river the promenade is art deco buildings surrounding the dune surfer flying coaster. the rocky river is the run down area sinse the entrance was expanded into the area and includes rocky river splash down log flume. I based the buildings on this alfredo blueprint

meditarania styled as a Spanish port it includes the launched coaster intimidator, bumper boats, a pirate ship and loads of shops. the style of the buildings was inspired by youtuber the original vader

discovery caves surrounded by the mammoth 2 woodie that burnt down in the parks past and was rebuilt. it includes simple cave huts and a enterprise

African oasis this area is in 2 parts. a ex british occupied town including the extremely popular nyoka wild mouse. and a sort of market marocan esk town including the kashucka drop tower

the lost jungle includes the jungle jorney vertical drop coaster and the lost river gentle boat ride. has little shops but makes good use of the alpha 16 vines. most of the buildings in this area are based on this blueprint

park has 1,100 guests and is zoned

mods used are path covers,lighthouse,windmill,building sets 1 2 and 3, dining set and brickwork set

Rating Price Satisfaction 94.00
Rating Cleanliness 97.00
Rating Happiness 75.00
Guest Count 1100.00
Park year 30.00
Size Width 100.00
Size Height 100.00
Money -999999.99
Entrance Fee 25.00