Tiroler Hill

Welcome to tiroler Hill!

Welcome to tiroler hill where flat land to build rides on is yet to be found and the park is connected to the rest of the world using one monorail. Your goal is to sell 1000 park tickets without getting bankrupt.

Tiroler Hill is part of a set of scenarios inspired by the original rct series. I have tried completing a few parks myself and based the park goals on that, but since I'm not the management in this game (yet) some goals might be impossible or way too easy. Keep in mind the management part is still in development and please PLEASE report bugs to the devs and ME SO I CAN IMPROVE THE SCENARIOS.


Rating Price Satisfaction 66.00
Rating Cleanliness 69.00
Rating Happiness 12.00
Guest Count 155.00
Park year 0.00
Size Width 100.00
Size Height 100.00
Money 25000.00
Entrance Fee 0.00