Side Friction Coaster

The Side friction coaster is an early coaster and did not have the up-stop wheel design seen in most modern day coaster. Rather, the cars sat in a trough with wheels on the underside and sides that prevented the cart from leaving the track.

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images provided by DanMack: here


Note Be aware that I may change the physics of the coaster.

Changelog V1.0

  • Start

Changelog V1.1

  • tweaked velocity
  • fixed track generation

Changelog V2.3

  • fixed compiling issue with hider
  • implemented Track Rider Utility

06 June 2017, 16:28

thank you this is a very good mod but it has stopped working due to the new sorting of rides in alpha 16

27 November 2016, 11:32

Could you make an RMC i need that coaster in my park

04 July 2016, 01:45

THANK YOU!! When I was little, I hated building this because it always crashed, but then it became my favorite for the old-timey nostalgia it gave my park, especially as a scenic coaster.

Bug: The train plays the station leave noise instead of woodie noise.

02 July 2016, 18:15

Very nice. I wanted to make a small coaster for a kid's section that was a bit more thrilling than the mini coaster, thanks!

01 July 2016, 17:35

Wow! Impressive! Thank you so much for your efforts!