Twitch Integration - Alpha

This is an early build for Twitch integration. I've forked Sebioff's original code base and fixed it to work with Parkitect Nexus. I've done some basic testing on the implementation and it seems to work for the most part. The IRC part is completely built on my end so their may be bug with the interaction between this application twitch and user feed. if you have any features you would like to see or issues with this mod please post it to here:


  • !alert <msg> throws the message into the game notification bar

  • !spawn or !sp - creates a guest associated with twitch user

  • !actions or !ac - the experiences of the npc associated with twitch user

  • !status or !st - the status of npc associated with twitch user

  • !inventory or !in - displays inventory of npc associated with twitch user

extra configurations are under mod options.

Planned Features

Consider donating if you want to see more:


Changelog V1.0

  • Release

Changelog V1.3

  • resolved spawning logic
  • added a spawning notification
  • added option to disable default spawning
  • fixed guest not loading correctly on map re-load
  • also enabled Oauth

Changelog V1.4

  • enabled SSL for security
  • added sub notification option
  • added a catch exception when messages are processed to avoid killing the processing thread
  • basic code refactoring

Changelog V1.5

  • priority queue to sort more important messages.
  • Time to live value is given to each message to avoid the queue from overflowing

01 August 2016, 18:59

go under settings>Mods and select Twitch Integration. you need to specific and account/token and channel so the client can connect. The rest should be fairly self explanatory.

01 August 2016, 18:51

how it work ? i dont understand thx