Rocky Mountain Falls [Scenery]

A log flume that winds its way through a mountain side.

A no scenery version can be found here: Rocky Mountain Falls (Unthemed)

Rating Excitement 51.86
Rating Intensity 3.46
Rating Nausea 10.00
Air Time (sec) 0.00
Drops 2.00
Total Drop Height (meter) 6.00
Biggest Drop (meter) 4.50
Average Speed (km/h) 5.96
Max Speed (km/h) 22.98
Minimum Vertical G 0.74
Maximum Vertical G 1.02
Minimum Lat G -0.11
Maximum Lat G 0.09
Minimum Long G -0.62
Maximum Long G 0.54
Ride Distance (meter) 207.44
Ride Time (seconds) 112.64
Inversions 0.00
Head Choppers 4.00
Entrance Fee 1.50
Train Count 10.00
Train Length 1.00
Total Cars 10.00

22 April 2016, 22:00

Great job! It looks really awesome, the only sad thing is that you have to make the water correctly before you place it.

22 April 2016, 02:56

Thanks! I realized that it only had 1 train set and incomplete stats so I just uploaded a new version, but there are no visual changes, only in the ride settings.

21 April 2016, 13:06

Downloaded! I love the scenery and the layout.