The Terror of Crocodile

Rating Excitement 62.58
Rating Intensity 26.42
Rating Nausea 59.26
Air Time (sec) 15.30
Drops 11.00
Total Drop Height (meter) 76.49
Biggest Drop (meter) 18.00
Average Speed (km/h) 33.55
Max Speed (km/h) 66.90
Minimum Vertical G -1.11
Maximum Vertical G 2.38
Minimum Lat G -1.89
Maximum Lat G 1.79
Minimum Long G -0.63
Maximum Long G 0.80
Ride Distance (meter) 752.74
Ride Time (seconds) 0.00
Inversions 4.00
Head Choppers 11.00
Entrance Fee 3.50
Train Count 2.00
Train Length 8.00
Total Cars 16.00

15 November 2016, 19:32

Ah, thanks. Good use of a bug!

15 November 2016, 08:02

Hi, Thanks a lot. The water basins are real easy. Just higher the ground around the area you want the water. Make like a dam. Than fill it with water, and after that remove the 'dam' And that water stays floating. Than just make a construction with wall round it. Done..

14 November 2016, 10:22

Hi dave-lancel, first off, I really love your design. Second, I have a question. Could you please explain how you did the water basins? I would really like to try an use this in my designs. Thanks a bunch.