Thrill Zone - Finished park!

Here is my ultimate parkitect theme park! It has 12 coasters; a large wooden coaster, alpine coaster, steel wild mouse coaster, flying coaster, vertical drop coaster, bobsleigh coaster, launched floorless coaster, mine train coaster, spinning coaster, winged coaster, suspended swinging coaster and junior coaster! The water rides are a three drop log flume and a two drop water coaster! It also includes almost all the flats including a inverted dark ride! Also includes all necessary shops and facilities including benches and bins!

So if you want to, click download and have fun operating!

Steam link

Rating Price Satisfaction 97.00
Rating Cleanliness 55.00
Rating Happiness 100.00
Guest Count 1811.00
Park year 11.00
Size Width 100.00
Size Height 100.00
Money -524871.25
Entrance Fee 30.00