A set of modular Windows and Doors that can be attached to any wall. That brings a new level of detail to your parks. Look at the screenshots to get the idea ;)


  • 12 Windows
  • 6 Doors
  • 1 Roof Window (3 different angles)
  • 3 Gates/Archways
  • 3 Window/Wall deco objects

All 28 objects are only decorative, not animated, but recolorable to your liking.

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But most of all: Have Fun!

02 July 2017, 20:00

this is a very useful mod. thanks

05 June 2017, 18:01

Love this set and hope to see more from you in the future!

18 May 2017, 01:33

I love those circular windows so much. (Actually, I've mostly used those for things that aren't windows, but they're still a great piece.) Will you eventually be making more?