Micro Machines (only 5x6)

no mods required

Here's another of my tiny attractions - this time it's a kart ride which races through and around a cute building! It's only 5x6 in size.

Unfortunately the track supports stick through the walls, which doesn't look to nice. Just place something beside the building (paths, trees ...) and the supports will disappear.

Rating Excitement 24.84
Rating Intensity 0.00
Rating Nausea 50.00
Air Time (sec) 0.00
Drops 8.00
Total Drop Height (meter) 10.50
Biggest Drop (meter) 2.25
Average Speed (km/h) 29.99
Max Speed (km/h) 39.66
Minimum Vertical G 0.69
Maximum Vertical G 1.29
Minimum Lat G -101.83
Maximum Lat G 4.31
Minimum Long G -8.02
Maximum Long G 8.21
Ride Distance (meter) 123.51
Ride Time (seconds) 0.00
Inversions 0.00
Head Choppers 4.00
Entrance Fee 3.00
Train Count 6.00
Train Length 1.00
Total Cars 6.00

01 December 2016, 06:58

Nailed it again man, great job.