Important Information to all Users!

This Mod is Included with the next or one of the next Parkitect Update (Alpha8+). That means that this Mod is no Longer needed from ParkitectNexus. The Mod stay Online (at least for the next time) on Nexus to prevent some Errors/Issues with the Savegames!


Here is my newest Mod for Parkitect.

This Mod contains some Objects to make your Cart Track a bit more Interessting.

You need Alpha 7 or newer for this Mod!

You can Donate me if you want to Support my Work ;)

31 January 2017, 15:51

Hi Harrimash: Its on you. All these Objects are now Shipped with the Game so you can Uninstall this Mod otherwise you have all Objects double in the Game. And no. If a Mod no longer Works or is no more Installed the Game is smart enough to see it and clean up all Missing Objects.

26 November 2016, 20:22

Hello there! Concerning the next alpha-build: if I use the items from this mod, do my save games still work when the next alpha is finally there and I uninstall this? Or can I let it installed?

Thanks in advance ;)

10 November 2016, 15:28

Good job at getting to work with the developers to make you mods official!

02 November 2016, 21:30

this is so awesome! great job