Virginia Reel

The Virginia reel uses side friction like tracks. The tubs, have inward facing seating which spin freely on a chassis. The tubs are spun as they contacted the edges of the trough.

This coaster was made in conjunction with prolinesproductions who designed and built tubs and tracks that are featured in this mod.

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Changelog V1.0

  • Release

Changelog V2.0

  • Implemented with Track Rider Utility

Changelog V2.3

  • Didn't account for cap and thus the car would immediately hit cap velocity going the opposite direction.

19 November 2016, 08:03

Hi - looks great! Would love to try it but I can't get your mods to work with alpha 6 or 7. I tried installing that Rider utility but it says can't compile

17 November 2016, 02:07

It compiled on a steam version of Parkitect! Thanks Michael!

15 November 2016, 00:24

I am looking at the Unity Documentation and it looks like it only requires one argument (distance).

Perhaps this may help:

14 November 2016, 15:09

That's the same error I'm getting and mentioned in discord chat. One error with this mod, ten with mine train, and six with side friction. If it helps I can zip or copy the error messages and sent/post them all. I'm also on alpha 7 from Steam.

14 November 2016, 06:22

I'm kind of confused, when did getPoint need more then one argument?

14 November 2016, 00:59

I'm using steam. I wonder if the versions are not currently exact.

14 November 2016, 00:39

hmm, funny it seems to compile correctly for me. Do we have a different version of Parkitect. i'm using the build from humble bundle.

13 November 2016, 22:41

I am, too, unfortunately. Here is the error that I'm getting:

[16-11-13 17:40:07] Info: Compile using compiler version v3.5. [16-11-13 17:40:07] Error: CS1501: 54:49: No overload for method 'getPoint' takes '1' arguments in c:\Users\David\Documents\Parkitect\pnmods\[email protected]_Virginia_Reel\VirginiaReelTrackGenerator.cs

13 November 2016, 21:57

I just got the update on all three of your coasters and they are still failing to compile for some reason

13 November 2016, 17:08

I just released a fix.