Important Information to all Users!

This Mod is Included with the next or one of the next Parkitect Update (Alpha8+). That means that this Mod is no Longer needed from ParkitectNexus. The Mod stay Online (at least for the next time) on Nexus to prevent some Errors/Issues with the Savegames!


This Mod contains 15 Objects to make your Garden or Ways a bit more attractive for your Peeps.

Should work with Alpha 4a (Update 108)

v1.1 - Re-Textured the Caro & Add one new Arch

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02 November 2016, 21:31

this won't compile for me either @perkola

06 October 2016, 13:39

This mod won't compile for me. Anyone else having the same issue?

12 August 2016, 16:17

Domes: the only roofs we have are essentially flat, though they may be angled. There is one round peak roof, but it requires for squares. Some interesting buildings with a near eastern or eastern European feel could be created with domes - the so-called onion shape - that could be placed on towers or other structures. They are round at the base, a bit larger but still round in the middle, but come to a point. These would make for some attractive effects.

10 August 2016, 00:26

Anyone else having the problem that most of these parts want to be placed underground + height isn't adjustable?

09 August 2016, 13:10

@clprice25 The Wood-Framework Set is not Finished there comes some new things you would love ;)

@jim6 what you mean with domes?

09 August 2016, 04:52

These are fantastic! Would love some vines or something to go along with your wood framework set. more plants in general would be awesome. Maybe some flowering trees? Thanks for the sweet mods!

09 August 2016, 02:45

Looks really nice!

09 August 2016, 02:22

Nice fence!

09 August 2016, 01:20

Brilliant! How about some archways . . . and domes?

08 August 2016, 21:54

Very good idea and great looking! Will try it soon