Pleasure Dunes

Southpool-on-sea Council has granted land on the edge of the town for the construction of an amusement park. Located on the promenade(boardwalk), there is an opportunity to expand further into the surrounding hills.

This is my tribute to RCT, Pleasure Dunes being a pastiche of Bumbly Beach.

$20,000 Starting balance

Land available for expansion

I noticed some slowdown issues when i built roller-coasters, probably due to the large amount of entities outside the park. If it gets too bad i'd advise deleting some of the houses until the game is properly optimized.

Have fun!


Rating Price Satisfaction 50.00
Rating Cleanliness 50.00
Rating Happiness 50.00
Guest Count 0.00
Park year 1.00
Size Width 100.00
Size Height 80.00
Money 20000.00
Entrance Fee 3.00

09 June 2017, 16:36

this is amazing

24 September 2016, 12:25

thanks !