Heat Rising

Here is my entry for the build off called 'Heat Rising' Just your standard launch coater like 'Stealth' at Thorpe Park but with a industrial/heat theme.

Rating Excitement 46.87
Rating Intensity 44.39
Rating Nausea 7.87
Air Time (sec) 3.54
Drops 2.00
Total Drop Height (meter) 64.50
Biggest Drop (meter) 45.00
Average Speed (km/h) 28.07
Max Speed (km/h) 120.00
Minimum Vertical G -0.53
Maximum Vertical G 2.90
Minimum Lat G 0.00
Maximum Lat G 0.08
Minimum Long G -1.20
Maximum Long G 0.75
Ride Distance (meter) 321.74
Ride Time (seconds) 0.00
Inversions 0.00
Head Choppers 2.00
Entrance Fee 5.00
Train Count 2.00
Train Length 3.00
Total Cars 6.00

16 May 2017, 22:23

Thanks, With the transfer track I normally use track edit and make a small section of switch track, or leave a big enough space for a 'sliding side ways transfer track. for the purpose of this challenge, with no mods allowed and limited space i just went for look rather than function. But thanks glad you like it, I hope so soon that the game as the ability to fill the queues completely up with guests

16 May 2017, 16:28

Looks really nice! Great use of custom supports, and the ground painting, although not included in the blueprint, looks really awesome. I like the station building too, and hope to see a day when the game gets enough guests to fill a significant percentage of such a queue line.

...but how is that transfer track supposed to work? The track between the final bends slides sidewards and... there's a track there already? The sliding rails don't appear to be long enough to slide any of the tracks beyond their initial positions, only between them. Or is the bend into the station supposed to flex out and connect with the transfer track?

Nah, insignificant detail. I hope this makes it into the game!