ghost mansion (extended)

ghost mansion a scary ride with good ratings

travel in a haunted wagon around the grounds of the ghost mansion where the spirits of the dead are all around you

my ghost mansion ride from a few months ago. with added alpha 16 spooky and fantasy scenery and a extension around a giant cauldron

no mods used

Rating Excitement 25.96
Rating Intensity 6.00
Rating Nausea 0.00
Air Time (sec) 0.00
Drops 0.00
Total Drop Height (meter) 0.00
Biggest Drop (meter) 0.00
Average Speed (km/h) 3.40
Max Speed (km/h) 5.10
Minimum Vertical G 1.00
Maximum Vertical G 1.00
Minimum Lat G -0.05
Maximum Lat G 0.02
Minimum Long G -0.03
Maximum Long G 0.05
Ride Distance (meter) 128.43
Ride Time (seconds) 0.00
Inversions 0.00
Head Choppers 2.00
Entrance Fee 0.00
Train Count 2.00
Train Length 6.00
Total Cars 12.00