no mods required

This is my latest park which was the source for many of my latest blueprints. I think I'll let you see the park as a whole, too, not only bits of it in the form of several blueprints

It turned out quite stuffed, there's almost no space left unused. My landscaping skills aren't very good therefore I used the beatiful scenario "Into the woods" from @Frits as a base for this park. Thanks for this great scenario! You can download it here:

This park has turned out to be my first park which is financially successful, I'm quite proud of that ;) It produces between 1000 and 2000 every month and has a solid amount of cash, as you can see in the screenshots!

What do you think? Do you like it? Any feedback is welcome!

Rating Price Satisfaction 79.00
Rating Cleanliness 89.00
Rating Happiness 80.00
Guest Count 826.00
Park year 35.00
Size Width 30.00
Size Height 50.00
Money 241742.88
Entrance Fee 1.00

25 November 2016, 22:56

you definitely have your own style when building, i like it. Love what you did to the spiral slide