Seat ride

This was a mod that was requested by Alfredo about a month ago and no body made it, so I thought I would try and see if it woul work or not.

This mod is a set of seats that can be placed down and then built around to make it look like a cinema or whatever you want it to be.

This was very quickly put together and it's only my second time really trying out the flatride mod creator so I apologise if it isnt that great. Nonetheless, it still seems to work as intended.

08 April 2017, 19:49

you should try to make it just like an cinema, creating a screen with just a constant or moving image on it

03 January 2017, 22:18


23 October 2016, 19:28

When i try to install w parkitect client it wont work Plz help!!

10 October 2016, 02:40

This is an awesome mod! Would you consider making one where guests sit down at tables? Like a "Dinner Show" or something? anways, thanks

05 July 2016, 21:17

Awesome !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

The seating, the sloping floor, everything, it's perfect!!

04 July 2016, 18:39

Very nice!