[Closed] Monthly, Hydraulically-Launched Coaster Edition


  • The top 3 blueprints will be shipped with alpha 14.


  • No mods allowed, exception of camera mods
  • It must be a generic buildable rollercoaster, so no special placing requirements like hills or weird tunnels
  • Max track footprint of 40x20
  • A 'realistic' rollercoaster name
  • At least 1 of your screenshots need to show that the coaster does fit in the footprint
  • NEW RULE: maximum cost of 25k (including scenery and everything else)

How it works

  1. Download this park, in this park you'll find the maximum allowed footprint. The track (excluding supports) has to fit in it
  2. Build a hydraulically-launched coaster
  3. Export the ride as a blueprint and upload it to ParkitectNexus
  4. On the creation screen (after uploading), check that you want to participate in this build-off
  5. After closing, the top 3 blueprints are included in the alpha 14!


The coaster stays in the game till the next competition for that coaster type. Any coaster may be denied by Parkitect without reason and any other coaster may be chosen. As the game is still changing, your coaster may be stripped out of the game in the (near) future without reason. The guideline is "as long as it works normally".

Opens in 1 year ago