[Closed] Bobsled Coaster, Christmas edition

To increase the christmas spirit we have a special (and extra) christmas edition of the monthly build-off! This time we take the Bobsled Coaster. Next to the usual prize of winning a blueprint spot in the next release, Dave Callen (MrMoriarty) also wants to give some of his souvenirs he picked up at various theme parks! The top 3 will be included in the next pre-alpha and may choose one of the following prizes (in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd):

  • Abyss USB Stick
  • Tower Of Terror 2 Snow Globe
  • Gravity Max Tilt Coaster Playing Cards
  • Sea World Australia Drinks Coasters
  • Official Luna Park Sydney DVD
  • Happy Valley Ant Toy
  • Happy Valley Ant Teddy
  • Disney Sea Monorail Train
  • Parque de Atracciones de Madrid CD Wallet
  • Sealed copy of RCT 1 and Addons
  • Fantawild Mobile Topper
  • Cosmoworld Bouncy Spring Men

How it works:

  1. Download this park, in this park you'll find the maximum allowed footprint. The track (excluding supports) has to fit in it
  2. Build an awesome bobsled coaster with a christmas theme and make some nice screenshots
  3. Export the coaster as a blueprint and upload it to ParkitectNexus
  4. On the creation screen (after uploading), check that you want to participate in this build-off
  5. After closing, the top 3 blueprints are included in the next release and may choose a prize!


  • Christmas theme
  • It must be a generic buildable coaster, so no special placing requirements like hills *
  • Max track footprint of 30x20, supports may go outside
  • A 'realistic' coaster name
  • Realistic train/car number
  • Custom scenery allowed, just make sure the coaster is still mostly visible.

*What's a christmas theme without hills? Hills are allowed for better screenshots, the only requirement is that hills shouldn't be needed to build your coaster.

Disclaimer: The coasters stay in the game till the next competition for that coaster type (~10 months). Any coaster may be denied by Parkitect without reason and any other coaster may be chosen. As the game is still changing, your coaster may be stripped out of the game in the (near) future without reason. The guideline is "as long as it works normally". The prizes given by Dave are voluntary, the emailadress of the winners will be shared with Dave and he will take care of the rest. No rights may be derived from any prize.

Opens in 2 years ago