[Closed] Monthly, Dueling Coaster Edition


  • The winner will recieve 1 Parkitect gamekey
  • The top 3 blueprints will be shipped with alpha 3.

How it works

  1. Start a new park
  2. Build a dueling coaster
  3. Synchronize the two coasters for maximum enjoyment
  4. Export the coasters as a blueprint and upload it to ParkitectNexus
  5. On the creation screen (after uploading), check that you want to participate in this build-off
  6. For regular participants of the build-off's, this time there is no maximum footprint!


  • Maximum of 2 coasters, any combination allowed
  • No mods of any kind allowed inside the saved blueprint, this will disqualify you without warning. Mods for screenshots are allowed
  • Must be placable on flat ground without looking weird (for example long tunnels half above ground).
  • Max total blueprint building cost of 25k
  • Realistic coaster name(s) and settings
  • As this is a contest about dueling coasters, the trains do actually need to duel eachother.


The blueprint stays in the game till the next competition for that coaster type (~10 months). Any coaster may be denied by Parkitect without reason and any other coaster may be chosen. As the game is still changing, your coaster may be stripped out of the game in (near) future. The guideline is "as long as it works normally".

Opens in 2 years ago