Some notes and advices to debug mods.

Basic Approach

  • Main command UnityEngine.Debug.Log(...)
    • or using UnityEngine; + Debug.Log(...)
  • Logfile: Parkitect\Parkitect_Data\output_log.txt


  • you have to open the TXT file manually and scroll to the end
  • you have to reopen the TXT file on each update
    • or you have to use e.g. "Notepad++" with a "Document monitor" plugin

ModTools Approach

  • Main Command: Same as above
  • Open the "ModTools" GUI with a "Console" inside the game
    • use the key BackQuote to toggle it
    • or Circumflex on german keyboards


  • you have to open the "ModTools Console" inside the game
    • you have to scroll downwards if many messages were sent
  • you get red highlighted error messages

[parkitectLab.modTools] v0.0.3 "Settina Displatos" Download

ModTools.Debug Approach

  • Main command Debug.LogMT(string text)
    • or Debug.LogMTn(List<string> texts)
    • or Debug.LogMT(string[] names, string[] values)
      • to debug key to value pairs
    • or Debug.LogMT(string[] names, long[] values, uint mode = 0)
      • same as above with mode = 0
      • get date time by unix timestamp with mode = 1
      • get time span output from miliseconds values with mode = 2
      • e.g. if you use System.Diagnostics.StopWatch


  • you can read your debug messages in the notification bar, by setting consoleOnly = false
  • or you can use the previous two approaches too, by setting consoleOnly = true

[parkitectLab.modTools] Debug.cs (2015-11-07)