This is the type you want for Custom Coaster Cars on an existing Coaster (No modded coasters).


The pivot point of the object should be where the front where the frontwheels weel are touching the coaster. Make sure you have a (Empty) GameObject called 'backAxis' and this should be where the back where the backwheels weel are touching the coaster.

. .


In Game name (required)

The name that will display in the game.

Coaster Name (required)

This is the name of the coaster where the car type should be added to. (Steel Coaster, Inverted Coaster, Wooden Coaster etc)

Front Car (optional)

This should be the car that is always on the front. The type of that game object has to be None.

Closed Restraints Angle (optional)

This is the angle that all the GameObjects with the name that starts with Restraint have to rotate to close.