Configuring mod.json Edit this page on GitHub

The mod.json file contains information about the mod and how to Mod Loader should load this mod.


There are a few configurable options in the mod.json file.

BaseDir (string) (optional)
The path to the directory which contains your .csproj file.

CompilerVersion (string) (optional)
The compiler version used when compiling the mod. The default value is "v4.0".

CodeFiles (string[]) (optional) *
A list of .cs files containing the mod logic. The default value is [].

IsDevelopment (boolean) (optional)
If set to true the client will recompile this mod at every launch. While set to true the mod can't be uninstalled either. The Mod Launcher will automatically reset this value to false once it has been installed by another user.

Name (string) (required)
The name of your mod as displayed in the mod management of the ParkitectNexus Client.

Project (string) (required) *
The name of your .csproj file.

ReferencedAssemblies (string[]) (optional) *
A list of assembly references used by this mod.

*: If Project is left empty(null), CodeFiles and ReferencedAssemblies must be set.


An exemplary configuration file could be:

    "BaseDir": "YourModFolder",
    "IsDevelopment": true,
    "Name": "Your First Mod",
    "Project": "YourMod.csproj"