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The custom scenery mod template is meant for people who want to add scenery to Parkitect, but don't have the coding skills to do that. The template is making it as easy as possible for designers to get their models in the game.



Make sure that your Parkitect Game has a subfolder named pnmods. This folder will contain all your downloaded mods and the ones you are going to be developing.

Create a new subfolder in the mods directory with the name of your scenery pack eg. JurassicWorld, download the CustomSceneryModTemplate repository and extract its contents into your newly created folder.

Now start the ParkitectNexus Client and check if you're mod is enabled. If you're mod isn't listed, make sure that you extracted the template in the right folder. The client reads the mod.json so check if it can be found in Parkitect/pnmods/(your mod name)/mod.json

Start the game, if everything is installed correctly, you should have a new deco object called 'Cube' in the deco window.

Creating Asset Bundles

The mod only works with asset bundles, you can't drop your fbx/.obj files somewhere and expect it to work. Check this page on how to create asset bundles. Make sure it's called 'scenery'.

Configuring Your Models

If you set up the mod and have your asset bundle created. We can configure the mod to let it know which models to load. First, copy your asset bundle 'scenery' to Parkitect/mods/(your mod name)/assetbundle/, overwrite the old one, that's the cube you just saw ingame. Now open scenery.json in the root of your mod's folder. You will see that the cube is configured here.

Here you can configure all your models, change the model value from cube_model to a model of yours and start the game. You will now see that your model will show up in the deco window under the name of 'cube'.

See this page for all the scenery.json options.


You first have to compile your custom Scenery. This is done automatically when you launch parkitect with the Nexus Client. Run the game with the client. Your mod should show up there. The scenery.json file doesn't need to be compiled. This means you can edit the json file and launch the game from the normal exe.

You don't need to exit the game if you are modifying the json file. Modify it in your text editor. In parkitect press ctrl - F5 to hot reload all mods.


When you're done, make sure to set the name of your mod in mod.json. See this page on how to release your mod.


  • Configure the models 1 by 1.
  • make sure there are no typo's
  • Please read the scenery.json's documentation carefully

This will save you from a lot of headaches.