This is used for Flat Ride, you can use the FlatRide animator to create the movement for the FlatRide.


These are the settings that you can give to your scenery:

In Game name (required)

The name that will display in the game.

price (required)

The price of your ride.

Rating (required)

The Rating of your ride.

Closed Restraints Angle (optional)

This is the angle that all the GameObjects with the name that starts with Restraint have to rotate to close.

Size (optional)

This is the size that you flat Ride will be.


A flat ride need waypoints to make people walk to there seats and back. This system work with points that you can connect to eachother. Click on Enable Editing Waypoints to start editing waypoints. You can generate a outer grid based on the X and Y size. This will look like this:


You can add waypoint by clicking on the A key on your keyboard to add one under your mouse:


You have two types of points: outer(Green) & normal(yellow). The guests prefer to walk to outer ones. So keep that in mind. You can toggle that by selecting on point and push on the O key on your keyboard.

You can remove one with the R key on your keyboard.

Eventually it should look something like this:

. .

Make sure to stop editing when done!


You can create your own seats by adding Child Objects and make sure the name starts with Seat:

You will see yellow dots representing the guests: