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Creating your first mod is peanuts. You'll only need a few things.


Make sure that your Parkitect Game has a subfolder named pnmods. This folder will contain all your downloaded mods and the ones you are going to be exporting.

First thing you will do is installing Unity (If you had not already). In Unity you will setup all your mods.

When you installed Untiy you have to create a new project, in this project you will setup all the mods.

Project Setup

If you are totally new to unity I recommend to take a look at this page to learn about the interface:

Download the tool from the download link at the top. You will get a .unityPackage file. There are several ways of importing this:

  • From the menu:
    • go Assets -> Import Package...
  • Double Click the package from Windows Explorer or Finder, (just make sure that you have the target project open or that it was the last opened project)

That's it, now you are able to setup your own mods in Unity