When you're developing a mod it isn't very handy to restart the whole game to load your new changes. That's why the ParkitectNexus Client makes it possible to reload your changes while you're playing.


  • IsDevelopment should be set to true in your mod.json

How To

When you've made some changes to your mod, start the ParkitectNexus Client while the game is playing in the background. When you click on 'Launch Parkitect', the client will recompile all mods marked with IsDevelopment and give focus to the game window. Now you can press Ctrl + R in-game to reload all loaded mods.

If you're using Visual Studio, you can make developing even easier. Right click on your project in the Solution Explorer > Properties > Debug. Under 'Start Action' select 'Start external program' and browse to your ParkitectNexus Client installation directory and select ParkitectNexusClient.exe. Under 'Start Options' set 'Command line arguments' to --launch. Now each time you start debugging your project (Debug > Start Debugging or press F5) the client will recompile all mods and give focus to the game window.