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Mod Settings

You can open the mod setupWindow like this:


Now a window will open, you can drag it anywhere you like. In this window you will setup the mod with all the object that will be in the game. But first you have to setup the name and the discription of the mod in here:


Adding Objects

Now you have to import your model(s) in your Untiy project. Drag it into the scene and select them, now click on the button 'Add selection' to add your selection to your mod. If you are doing it right there would be a list with all the object that are in the mod, like this:


Object Types

In the list 'Objects in mod' you can select all the objects that are in you mod. You can select one by clicking on it. Now it will turn red and on the bottom there will be a new part of the tool where you can edit the settings for the current selected object. The first thing you will see in this part is the type. The following types are currently in the tool:


This is to add objects to mod that are no type but you want them as a object. Most used for: Shop Products & Front Car's for Coaster Type


This is the type you want for Custom Scenery that could be placed anywhere.


This is for custom Trashbins (It will snap to the outer of a path).


This is most used for benches.


This is most used for custom Lampposts, but is usefull for any object that you want to snap (It will snap to the outer of a path)

Use this for fences.


This is used for Flat Ride, you can use the FlatRide animator to create the movement for the FlatRide.


Setup you shop with products and ingredients.

Path Style

This his for custom path styles, you could create a: Normal path, Queue & a Employee path.

Coaster Car

This is to add Custom Coaster Cars for existing Coasters.