Coaster Cam


Ride your favorite coasters and attractions with this cam!


  • Press R on an attraction to enter it
  • Scrollwheel to switch seats
  • For best view, press X to disable the ui (this is a default feature of Parkitect)

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  • Added fov changing effect in favor of shaking effect


  • Added shaking effect


  • Support for pre-alpha 7
  • Don't enter coaster while typing


  • Support for every attraction
  • Support to switch seats


  • Fixed bug where ui would glitch out


  • Release

18 August 2017, 22:36

@emerson-walker I don't have any solution, but get the same error when compiling this mod.

06 August 2017, 01:47

I keep getting this error when I attempt to compile the Coaster Cam mod. [17-08-04 21:44:22] Error: CS0266: 41:45: Cannot implicitly convert type 'IMouseSelectable' to 'SerializedMonoBehaviour'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?) in c:\Users\Emerson Walker\Documents\Parkitect\pnmods\[email protected]\CoasterCam\CoasterCam.cs

Does anyone have any solutions to this?

05 August 2017, 00:54

The Tunnel is looked weird

03 August 2017, 20:17

it wont work on alpha 16 or let me compile it

08 July 2017, 18:30

On Linux, CoasterCam will fail to compile, but the fix is trivial: Go to the steam directory for Parkitect, go to [email protected]/CoasterCam and comment out line 142 (InputTracking.Recenter();).

I don't know what the command does, but the game seems to work fine after that change has been made.

20 June 2017, 14:26

alguien me ùede explicar como descargo este mod?

28 May 2017, 01:03

I Have issues with downloading mods, it keeps on compiling the mod forever and forever! What can i do to fix the issue?

09 April 2017, 15:28

Can You Update Please

The Alpha 10a Is Fixed with the tunnels and the water

29 January 2017, 18:57

I love Parkitect and really want this mod and the First Person mod. However, I have a Mac computer, and the the ParkitectNexus Client will not work, even though I have an account and downloaded the Mac version. Steam Workshop seems to work, so I would like it if you uploaded this mod to the Parkitect Steam Workshop. Thank you for your time.

23 December 2016, 17:32

Trying to install this with alpha 9 on Linux. Got the following compile error: [16-12-23 17:28:42] Error: CS0103: 146:13: The name `InputTracking' does not exist in the current context in [email protected]asterCam/CoasterCam/CoasterCam.cs Have I done something wrong?