Better Perspective Camera


May decrease the performance of your game. Limit is around medium parks with integrated graphics.


This mod adds a better flying camera to the game which replaces the isometric default camera. Very easy to control!


W, A, S, D move

Q, E rotate

R, F Tilt

Z, X Zoom

Middle mouse button look around

Scroll, zoom in/out

Usefull to know

  • Almost the same as every rts game.
  • No zoom when in UI
  • You can enable screen edge movement in the options
  • Not recommended with other camera mods
  • Press P to toggle settings
  • Press enter to return camera to Entrance



  • Working when game is paused
  • Home button brings your back to entrance instead of Enter


  • Working with Alpha 6


  • Added Camera settings window
  • Fix the problem with modLoader
  • Camera height based on terrain height.
  • Auto-Save camera Settings

14 August 2017, 05:43

Broken for me since Alpha 13, rendered world would disappear (even at max draw distance). With later builds, now starting to get what looks like clouds. Tried to delete/reinstall/etc, no luck so far.

30 July 2017, 03:32

Everything disappears when your close, you have to be really far to get it to appear.

07 July 2017, 07:48

it don't work on the new alpha 15 please fix it its a beautiful mod and it is too bad if it not work please fix it

18 June 2017, 20:06

For those having problem of invisible terrain on zoom out on the newer Parkitect builds: Load a map, press P to open the camera config and move the distance slider or cick the default settings button. Looks like anything changed it to very low after the update

08 May 2017, 11:36

Can you update this mod to work with Alpha 13?

03 May 2017, 23:25

Please fix it, it doesn't work on the new update

22 November 2016, 06:24

The max distance is initially set to 100x100x100 but you can change this in the code. Go to the mods folder and find the better perspective folder. Open up BetterPerspectiveCamera.cs. A C# IDE such as Visual Studio is preferable, but notepad should work fine. Go down to where maxBounds is defined ( MaxBounds = new Vector3(100, 100, 100);) and change it from 100x100x100 to whatever you'd like. Make sure to recompile the mod in the nexus client.

06 September 2016, 17:16

Two issues I've noticed on the latest update.

  1. Movement is limited to 100X100 even on a bigger map
  2. Since grass tile effects like flowers and little plants are never stopped rendering at a distance, a bigger world size GREATLY reduces fps.

For both of these you can start up the scenario editor and set the size to 500X500.

05 July 2016, 20:06

If you use this mod in Alpha 3, go get the fix for the cloud shadows...your life will again be serene +10 to H-pops.

04 July 2016, 12:19

@MikeThinks I am working on a update, or I will make a separate mod to disable the clouds