Better Perspective Camera


May decrease the performance of your game. Limit is around medium parks with integrated graphics.


This mod adds a better flying camera to the game which replaces the isometric default camera. Very easy to control!


W, A, S, D move

Q, E rotate

R, F Tilt

Z, X Zoom

Middle mouse button look around

Scroll, zoom in/out

Usefull to know

  • Almost the same as every rts game.
  • No zoom when in UI
  • You can enable screen edge movement in the options
  • Not recommended with other camera mods
  • Press P to toggle settings
  • Press enter to return camera to Entrance



  • Working when game is paused
  • Home button brings your back to entrance instead of Enter


  • Working with Alpha 6


  • Added Camera settings window
  • Fix the problem with modLoader
  • Camera height based on terrain height.
  • Auto-Save camera Settings

20 January 2018, 11:40

Hey I love this mod so much, especially considering it's the only one that actually works for me. I was just wondering if it would be possible to change the button to look around (Currently middle mouse) to the look around button in the game menu or in the separate menu you get from pressing p. My reasoning for this is that my middle mouse button is very awkward to click and I can't free rotate the camera without shoving my finger down. Obviously this might take quite a bit of work, and if it does then don't bother. Truly amazing mod though.

14 August 2017, 05:43

Broken for me since Alpha 13, rendered world would disappear (even at max draw distance). With later builds, now starting to get what looks like clouds. Tried to delete/reinstall/etc, no luck so far.

30 July 2017, 03:32

Everything disappears when your close, you have to be really far to get it to appear.

07 July 2017, 07:48

it don't work on the new alpha 15 please fix it its a beautiful mod and it is too bad if it not work please fix it

18 June 2017, 20:06

For those having problem of invisible terrain on zoom out on the newer Parkitect builds: Load a map, press P to open the camera config and move the distance slider or cick the default settings button. Looks like anything changed it to very low after the update

08 May 2017, 11:36

Can you update this mod to work with Alpha 13?

03 May 2017, 23:25

Please fix it, it doesn't work on the new update

22 November 2016, 06:24

The max distance is initially set to 100x100x100 but you can change this in the code. Go to the mods folder and find the better perspective folder. Open up BetterPerspectiveCamera.cs. A C# IDE such as Visual Studio is preferable, but notepad should work fine. Go down to where maxBounds is defined ( MaxBounds = new Vector3(100, 100, 100);) and change it from 100x100x100 to whatever you'd like. Make sure to recompile the mod in the nexus client.

06 September 2016, 17:16

Two issues I've noticed on the latest update.

  1. Movement is limited to 100X100 even on a bigger map
  2. Since grass tile effects like flowers and little plants are never stopped rendering at a distance, a bigger world size GREATLY reduces fps.

For both of these you can start up the scenario editor and set the size to 500X500.

05 July 2016, 20:06

If you use this mod in Alpha 3, go get the fix for the cloud shadows...your life will again be serene +10 to H-pops.