Peep Cam


Walk in your own park!


  • Press TAB to spawn at your cursor location
  • Press C to toggle UI

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  • Fixed bug where you would fall through the ground


  • Release

29 December 2017, 18:18

Needs to be updated for Beta 2

23 April 2017, 06:52

he luuk holleman. ik was die gene (GAMETVNL) die aan je vroeg of je nl was. je zij ja en dus kan ik ook nl tegen je praten. deze mod is echt goed, alleen kan je de snelheid van het lopen aanpassen en zorgen dat je ook door een tunnel van je pad ondergronds kan lopen veel suc6 met je mod en de mods die gaan komen ;D

09 January 2017, 22:06

I cant install it and cant enable it plz help the enable button wont let me click it

19 November 2016, 12:45

Thanks for your mod it's working good! Some details you could improve if you have time to work a bit more on it:

  • Keybinding will stay on default. It's pretty annoying when you play with an azerty keyboard. If it could just take the custom keybinding that would be great.
  • Mouse sensitivity is too strong (I always can lower this on my system, but it would be even better not have to do it ).

20 September 2016, 05:05

Can't download anything through the client.

02 August 2016, 15:32

@elizabeth-capp press tab again

@garry-hoyt it's lower now

21 July 2016, 11:09

How do you exit the peep cam I always get stuck?

20 July 2016, 20:10

You should make the cam a bil lower like at the peoples head

19 July 2016, 04:36

is there anyway to change the walking speed?

05 June 2016, 16:17

I can activate peep cam by pressing TAB but i can't move around... Any ideas? or does it need to be updated?